Warmly congratulation about finalizing 5.9568MWp contract with foreign company


In 2016, 15th of August, Suzhou Spruce Renewable Energy Technology Inc. have successfully signed the 5.9568MWp distributed solar generation contract with foreign company.

This company covers an area of 330000㎡ with a total investment of $40 million. Its breeding population is more than 10000. It’s high technology key company of national development and reform commission in their country. It combine animal husbandry, breeding, scientific research, by-product, feedingstuff and photovoltaic power generation. In order to make full use of livestock sheds the top of the leisure area, this company by doing consulting, research, according to the area of the livestock shed roof, decided to investment in the construction of photovoltaic power generation project. Planing installed capacity is 5.9568MWp.

Solar energy is the most abundant, clean and safe sustainable energy on earth. According to the European Commission Joint Research Center(JRC) predicts that, by 2030, solar photovoltaic power generation will account for more than 10% of total electricity supply in the world. The renewable energy will be 30% of the total energy structure.

Spruce will remain positive and active in the photovoltaic industry and everfount deliver the clean solar energy to the world!

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