Suzhou Spruce Renewable Energy Technology, Inc. was established on Mar.8, 2007 in Suzhou Science and Technology Park with the registered capital of 8.344 million USD as a joint venture with total investment of 13.94 million USD. The company has 20 acres of land and 13,300m2 of factory building. It has employed more than 100 staffs.
The Company mainly focuses on the research and development of renewable energies with the  application of solar cell technology.
SPRUCE is committed to developing a new generation of highly flexible amorphous silicon thin-film photovoltaic core equipments, manufacturing and processing technology as well as solar cell application development and industrialization.
Spruce Renewable Energy has been awarded with the certificates “Jiangsu foreign investment research center”, “High tech industry “ and “Suzhou flexible PV cells technology research center”.
SPRUCE has innovated new PV modules with thinner, higher efficiency, lighter weight, faster cooling, easy to clean dust and snow Etc comparing to conversion PV modules.
The flexible PV products developed and manufactured by Spruce Renewable Energy are light, portable, flexible, foldable, These PV products can even perform in low light and has wide range of application. 
Spruce Renewable Energy has a plan to manufacture new PV modules 2GW and flexible PV products 20MW in next 5 years and keeps the company in a leading position of renewable energy field. 

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